What is Counselling?

Counselling offers you the opportunity to acknowledge life’s challenges by expressing and exploring your feelings, thoughts and behaviours about them. Sometimes you may not be able to make sense of what is troubling you and you would like to discover better ways of coping. Other times you may feel a lack of purpose or enjoyment in life.

Without the interruption of advice or criticism, counselling seeks to gain an appreciation of your issues and help identify where they come from and when they began.

It can help you to understand and gain insight into the things that make you unhappy or just don’t work in your life and broaden your perception of yourself, your relationships and your feelings.

The benefits of counselling may include some or all of the following:

  • you may develop a greater understanding of why you think, feel and behave as you do
  • you may see things more clearly – with “new” eyes
  • you may develop greater choices in how you live life and make positive changes
  • you may be in a better position to manage your future life having understood recurring unhelpful behaviour patterns